R Walkthroughs

These modules will teach you basic R skills by guiding you through some simple data analyses.

Course packet

The course packet is here.

Old exams

Midterm from 2017 and grading guidelines

Other readings

  • Data Analysis for Politics and Policy by Edward Tufte. Out of print, but available for free in electronic form. I will often assign supplemental readings out of this book.
  • Statistical Modeling: A Fresh Approach by Daniel Kaplan. Great book, great exercises. The first five chapters are available for free (half-way down the page under the “Read Online” heading). You will find the first one especially helpful in learning some basic R commands. You are not required to buy this book, but you may find it a useful resource. Readings will be assigned out of the first five (free) chapters.
  • Using R for Introductory Statistics. A useful guide on doing basic statistics in R.
  • OpenIntro: Statistics. A free online statistics textbook that I will refer to many times throughout the semester for supplemental readings.

Good places to get help with R

  • R Seek. A front-end for Google that helps get more Relevant results.
  • Stack Overflow. Just search for a relevant question and somebody has probably answered it before.