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James G. Scott
Assistant Professor of Statistics
University of Texas at Austin
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I am a statistician and data scientist. My research interests are mainly in modern computational methods and in Bayesian inference. I've done recent work on data-augmentation schemes for Bayesian computation; scalable algorithms; multiple testing and high-dimensional screening problems; prior choice in hierarchical models; and Bayesian methods in machine learning. See my Papers and Software pages for more detail.

My recent collaborative projects have involved applications in health care, security, and neuroscience. I've also done work in linguistics, political science, infectious disease, astronomy, and molecular biology.


Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management (McCombs School of Business)
Department of Statistics and Data Sciences (College of Natural Sciences)

Mailing Address

2110 Speedway, B6500
Austin, Texas 78712
(512) 471-5905


Ph.D in Statistics, Duke University (2009)
M.A.St in Mathematics, University of Cambridge (2005)
B.S in Mathematics, University of Texas (2004)